Sunday, April 29, 2012


Sorry for abandoning you, blog.  While I think that documentation could be super-helpful and this is a format I'm familiar with, I'm barely keeping my head above water so this has fallen by the wayside.

So to randomly jump to today, a small amount of background: the psychiatrist suggested that if we don't see improvements by our next appointment, that we seriously consider a medication called Tenex.  The same drug is in another ADHD medication called Intuniv.  I don't know the difference.  I said that I'd rather make sure I tried all non-medication options first, which would include an elimination diet.  Some people with children with ADHD or Autism-like behavior have found that their children are intolerant of certain food or food additives.

I'm not quite ready to dive into that but wanted to document this instance - Today Daddio got the kids doughnuts at around 11:00 a.m.  They're yeast doughnuts with chocolate icing and maroon and orange sprinkles.  Sprout ate a whole doughnut and Little Man ate half.

I took the boys for haircuts at noon and they both did fine.  After that I took them to Target to get things for Little Man's "sensory bag," which is something we decided to put together with the daycare.  Hoping that some tactile toys will help him calm a bit when he's not ready to make the choice to come back to a 1 or a 2 on the 5-point-scale.  I want him to take ownership of the bag so he decided to call it the "choices bag" and come with me to get things for it.

He asked if he could pick out unrelated toys, and I kept saying no.  He would neither stay with me nor stay in the cart so I left the cart, picked up Sprout, and carried him out.  Little Man followed and by the time we got to the door he was hitting me with his hat.  In the parking lot he bit my arm.  I forcibly strapped him in his carseat while he hit me repeatedly.  When I went to put Sprout in his seat, Little Man unbuckled himself and got out of the car.  I told him he'd get hit by a car if he ran away from me in the parking lot, and I again forcibly put him in his seat.  He screamed and cried and kicked my seat all the way home.

This all started about 2 hours after he ate the doughnut.  Previously in the day he'd eaten high-fiber cereal and half a banana.

ETA:  Of course yesterday he had a blue Hawaiian Punch drink which I'm sure was full of artificial colors, preservatives, and HFCS, and the day was fine.