Friday, February 3, 2012

Sent Home

Little Man was sent home today for punching an administrator. So for my own records, since the policy started on 1/9, he was sent home:

1/18 (he wasn't sent home but I knew he couldn't succeed at school after he hurt me after an appointment so I brought him home)

He did seem repentant today when I picked him up; he apologized to me and told me he apologized to the person he hurt. He also didn't want them to call me and send him home, so that's a good sign. I was told that he has caught himself before hurting someone recently, so that's good.

On Monday the behavioralist from our local public schools is scheduled to observe him. I'm hoping for something useful out of that.

Also on Monday, we have an appointment with a local organization that I'll call Community Services. I'd always thought it was income-based and only took Medicaid. But it turns out they're open to the public. They have a variety of counseling options as well as psychiatrists, and we're on the urgent list so hopefully that will be what we need.