Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sent Home Today

I wish I'd kept better records of when he was sent home. We just got the call that he hit a kid today. I think he's averaging about once every other week (0.5/ week) or twice every three weeks right now (0.67 times per week). He tried to hit a teacher and missed on Monday which saved us from an early pickup, and one day last week I think he hurt someone right at the end of the day because he was in the office when Tim picked him up. But they didn't bother to call because it was after 5.

Public school psychologist and behavioral specialist said that if he is in control of his actions in those moments and simply didn't understand that that behavior was unacceptable at school, this "consequence" will work and we won't see him coming home as often. We have seen a decrease. Week one he was sent home 3 times. There have been incidents where he's clearly testing the school to see if they'll really send him home. He said, "You can't send me home if I hit you" then hit an administrator.

So the success of this plan is iffy. Except it's not really a plan to adjust his behavior. It's a coping mechanism on behalf of our daycare. So we don't have any say in the plan other than to switch daycares and frankly we're just trying to get through the next [less than] 6 months until we can get to public school.